letter to winemakers

Dear Winemaker and Winery Owners:

I have been living in the Valley of the Moon for almost thirty years. I have the cancer, non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma now linked to exposure to RoundUp. Napa and Sonoma Counties have the highest blood cancers in California. Annually they spray over 2.5 million pounds of toxic chemicals on our vineyards. Many are well known carcinogens and particularly hazardous to children.

Monsanto’s Roundup® and Bayer’s neonicotinoid pesticides are linked to catastrophic bee declines nationwide. Beekeepers reported losing nearly half of their hives last winter. And monarch butterflies have declined by more than 97% in the West in the last 20 years.

As an award winning documentary filmmaker and long time environmental educator I am passionate about starting a campaign to get glyphosate out of our vineyards and eco-system. As a first step; my team has produced a satirical animated short - it's a SONG to wine makers. You can find here on our website: www.roundupwine.com

Our little animated short "ROUNDUP WINE" is now an official selection at the Hudson NY Short, Film Festival, Florida Animation Film Festival, Lyons Film Festival, Capital City Film Festival and others in 2020.

Mom's Across America, Wine Water Watch and other pesticide action groups are spreading our SONG to their large member base across the US.

Let’s get Glyphosate out of our vineyards and join the other countries who have banned this toxic herbicide. Please join me in this fight to protect our environment.

Carolyn M. Scott Jan 21st 2020

(Artwork title: Alchemical Garden by Carolyn M. Scott)



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